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About DTL

A native of Michigan, David earned his B.S. and M.S. in Industrial Education from Eastern Michigan University. After teaching for three years at public schools, he worked at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, for seven years – first, as a detailer of engine components and later as a training specialist for Ford Transmission and Axle Engineering.

At Ford, David was trained in the practice of Employee Involvement. EI is based on the principle that employees have much more to contribute than just physical labor. They have the skills, talents, and imagination to make strong and lasting contributions to the success of their company and themselves.

David then spent two years as Human Resources Manager at Engineering Services Incorporated (ESI) in Southfield, Michigan and five years at American Supplier Institute (ASI) in Dearborn as Manager of Course Development and, later, as a Process Improvement Consultant. At ASI, he was appointed the project manager in charge of the development of a manual called Making Prototypes Work for Manufacturing, which became the standard for all suppliers of parts to the 1991 Ford Escort. In this role, David also developed Whirlpool’s corporate course, Improving Business Processes, and helped Edgcomb Metals achieve ISO 9002 Certification in just eight months.

David has been blessed with wonderful teachers and mentors. Gordon Belt (Quality Circles), Charles Dygert (Business Culture), Gordon Keefe (Project Management), Linda Hogan (Organization Development), Paul Henderson (Theory of Constraints), and Bob Fox (Throughput Operating Strategy) are a just a handful of the people who shaped his philosophy on how to help small businesses get better.

Since the inception of David T. Lord Consulting, LLC in 1993, his list of clients has grown exponentially. We’ve worked with some very large companies like Herman Miller, Johnson Controls, and Dale Carnegie Training; as well as many small and medium-sized companies, including: Carlson Marketing, All State Fastener, Milton Manufacturing, Dunning Toyota, RHK Technology, Leedo Manufacturing, Kids Hope USA, Ross Mortgage, and Merlo Construction.

When not working, David and his wife Lolo love spending time with their amazing children and grandchildren. David also enjoys reading, listening to music, swimming, biking and spending time on the beaches of Lake Michigan.

Success Stories

  • "Although I was skeptical when David was first brought in as a consultant for our company, I soon became his biggest champion. He has a true gift of being able to breakdown every aspect of your business into its basic elements. It is an eye opening experience to learn how your business really works compared to how you think it works. Every business owner needs to go through this process.”

    Vincent Hazen COO and General Counsel, LoneStar Logos & Signs
  • "Leedo was struggling as a manufacturer and turn-key solution in the multifamily cabinet industry. David worked with our manufacturing team to establish control over our system. Various plant teams mapped workflow, identified critical handoffs, developed dashboards and established employee responsibilities. Mindsets were changed which drove the mantra of accountability at the most basic level. The results were truly astounding. Manufacturing began to fill orders on-time and became the stalwart to the organization.”

    David Burke VP Sales Administration, Leedo Cabinetry
  • "I realized quickly that David had a unique ability to see and comprehend complex issues and to distill them into clear and understandable visual maps. We knew as a team that although we had strong leaders, we were not always communicating as effectively and fully as possible. Through the development of visual maps for the different business areas, everyone on the leadership team, and subsequently in the business groups, now have a more clear understanding of our work flow.”

    Joe Hart President, Asset Health
  • "... David offered us many resources on process improvement. But more importantly, he offered us the experience in process improvement team management which was invaluable. He guided and encouraged us as we worked with our first pilot team, offering helpful, practical tips on presentation and facilitation. He constantly reminded us of the power of the tools we were producing. We have seen his predictions come true as the word spreads around the corporation.”

    Barbara M. Pries Quality Improvement Manager, Whirlpool Corporation
  • "Herman Miller’s turnaround in manufacturing performance has been one of the primary drivers to our increased stock price. Over the past 36 months, our stock has increased from $20 to above $45 per share. David Lord’s goal setting process, aided by his approach to visual management, provided the manufacturing leadership team both the framework and catalyst needed to establish these goals. David’s efforts have enabled us to clearly communicate and track operations’ measurable goals to the 3,000+ manufacturing employees. Based on our success, I can recommend David without reservation.”

    Mark Groulx Sr. Vice President, Operations, Herman Miller
  • "David has become integral to the success of our QOS [Quality Operating System] team and, in fact, has become part of the team itself. We have weathered some difficult times recently and David has continued to serve us well, with one hand on the tiller and the other on our collective conscious to be sure we understood the message and didn’t lose sight of the goal. His contribution has been significant and I wanted to express my appreciation personally … to David for the enthusiastic support we have received ... ”

    Jack Damron Vice President, Ford Power Products

David’s Book: The Visual System of Work


  • Identify key lead and lag measures
  • Set up your ‘war room’ to align your organization’s communications
  • Knock down barriers with the ‘7-Step Process of Improving Throughput Performance’

And the best part is it’s a quick read: it should take you under two hours to get through.

David is a Business Improvement Specialist, a gifted facilitator, and author.

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