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The 5-Minute Game Plan – Getting Started is the Hardest Part

If you’re like many business owners, the picture is very clear… Until you mix in a couple daily meetings, a brain storming session, personal obligations, etc. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started and taking that first step.

That is why I developed, The 5-Minute Game Plan for Improving Communication, Eliminating Rework, and Following Through on Great Ideas.

If you’ve read my previous three articles you’re already familiar with the top 3 areas of business improvement. I’ve chosen these 3 areas based on decades of client interaction and their core desire to succeed.

You’re on board. You want to get better. Take that next step.

DOWNLOAD: The 5-Minute Game Plan...

To start using the TIP for your business, please download my free guide, “The 5-Minute Game Plan for Improving Communication, Eliminating Rework, and Following Through on Great Ideas” – Even if You Only Have 5 Minutes to Spare, which includes a free TIP worksheet.


  1. About the Author
  2. Introduction
  3. How to Use this Guide
    1. Use the Throughput Improvement Plan (TIP) to Focus and Get More Done
    2. Implement Your Best Ideas With the 5W-2H Worksheet
    3. Reduce Rework Using The Company Scoreboard
  4. What’s the Next Step? ‘Getting Better in 90 Days’
  5. Some Final Thoughts …


David earned his B.S. and M.S. in Industrial Education from Eastern Michigan University. After teaching for three years as a public school teacher, he worked at Ford for seven years – first as a detailer of engine components and later as a training specialist – and at American Supplier Institute for fives years as a Process Improvement Consultant before founding David T. Lord Consulting, LLC in 1993. His list of clients includes dozens of small and medium-sized companies, as well as some highly notable large companies like Herman Miller, Johnson Controls, and Dale Carnegie Training. When not working, David and his wife Lolo love spending time with their children and grandchildren. David also enjoys reading, swimming, biking, and exploring the beaches of Lake Michigan.


‘Getting Better in 90 Days’

This is our core service offering, based on the key principles outlined my book, The Visual System of Work. Over a 90-day period, I’ll guide you from start to finish,
introducing you to the powerful methods, tools, and strategies I’ve tested and validated with small, medium, and large companies like Johnson Controls and Herman Miller.

I’ll help you implement …

  • A command center (or ‘war room’) to centralize your communications
  • The ‘TIP’ for selecting and exploiting workflow constraints
  • Strategies to identify and break through ‘interferences’
  • The ‘Key Meeting Matrix’ to keep you laser focused
  • Management team reviews to monitor project status
  • Weekly meetings and daily huddles to keep teams motivated
  • Project Management Discipline to cut waste
  • Task/Report/Meeting/Time Matrices to track results
  • Quarterly reviews to ensure continuous improvement
  • And a lot more …

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