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When it comes to solving business problems, clarity comes first …

DTL is committed to helping you transform your organization from the bottom up.
But not before we come up with a clear plan of execution …

We’ll start by identifying the processes that need improvement. Then we’ll show you how to make the improvements a reality.

We developed a 7-Step Process:

  1. Select the workflow constraint
  2. Identify the interferences of the constraint
  3. Quantify and prioritize the interferences
  4. Select what interference should be solved first
  5. Decide what must exist so the selected interference is reduced or removed completely
  6. Implement the interference ‘reduction or removal’ action plans
  7. Verify action plan effectiveness

When this process is done right, the result is increased throughput – and better quality.

Once priorities are clearly identified, we use visual management techniques to enhance internal communication and accelerate project completion. We’ll help you implement David’s system, the 90-day Implementation Guide, proven to deliver concrete results in a short time – and set the stage for continuous improvements.

Whole System Performance Enhancement

Our services are based on a simple premise: in any complex system, there is only one (or, at most, a few) crucial part of the system that is keeping it from performing at its full potential. By finding and fixing this weak link, the entire system is improved.

Focusing instead on other problems within your organization will be a waste of time and effort. Uncoordinated improvement efforts spread available resources too thin … only significant, system-wide efforts will boost bottom-line results.

Identifying and strengthening the weakest link – the system’s constraint – is the only way to strengthen the system as a whole.

We’ll show you how to get everyone within your organization engaged, working together toward process improvement. And we’ll give you the tools to develop a business culture that values continuous improvement and a strong commitment to employees and customers.

After all, getting people involved in the improvement process is really the only way to ensure long-term success.

Our Services

‘Getting Better in 90 Days’

This is our core service offering, based on the principles outlined in David’s book. Over a 90-day period, we’ll guide your business from start to finish, introducing you to the method, tools, strategies, and the ‘Visual System of Work’.

We’ll help you implement …

  • A command center (or ‘war room’) to centralize your communications
  • The ‘TIP Process’ for selecting and exploiting workflow constraints
  • Strategies to identify and break through ‘interferences’
  • The ‘Key Meeting Matrix’ to keep you laser focused
  • Management team reviews to monitor project status
  • Weekly meetings and daily huddles to keep teams motivated
  • Project Management Discipline to cut waste
  • Task/Report/Meeting/Time Matrices to track results
  • Throughput Improvement Plan #1 to boost your results
  • Quarterly reviews to ensure continuous improvement
  • And a lot more …

Each step includes clear-cut exercises and assessments designed to revolutionize, revitalize, and transform your business.

Workshop Facilitation

David offers results-based, interactive workshops tailored to meet your specific needs. He’ll meet with you to talk about your goals, then customize a workshop designed to achieve the results you’re looking for.


David also offers coaching services to business owners, managers, supervisors, and employees to help enhance business performance. His coaching sessions are structured specifically to inspire you to accelerate your personal and professional growth. David is available to coach individuals, groups, or on-call.


David regularly gives short presentations on the methods, tools, and the ‘90-Day Implementation Plan’ introduced in his book, The Visual System of Work: Help Your Business Work Better, Make Money and Generate Cash, A 90 Day Implementation Guide.

Over 100 businesses have successfully used David’s methods and tools over the past 25 years …
many continuing their journey with him today.

… I have had the pleasure of conducting audits for clients of David T. Lord. His approach to managing and collaborating with his clients to develop and document their business processes is unique and refreshing.

David is a team coach who encourages open and creative thought resulting in a “System of Work.” This is a unique, visually based, strategic tool that applies structure and color-coding to overall documentation and data analysis. I, along with David’s clients, find the system to be a user-friendly approach to process documentation and process management.

David always makes certain that the system interfaces are well developed so that his clients understand that ISO 9000 is a reflection of the organizational culture, not resulting documentation. This fosters a natural enthusiasm for maintenance and continuous improvement of their system.

Having conducted more than 4000 audits to ISO9001-2-3 and QS-9000, I have had the opportunity to view many approaches to consulting. As such, I can recommend very few consultants. David T. Lord is one of these.

–– David G. Attridge, Deloitte

David’s Book: The Visual System of Work


  • Identify key lead and lag measures
  • Set up your ‘war room’ to align your organization’s communications
  • Knock down barriers with the ‘7-Step Process of Improving Throughput Performance’

And the best part is it’s a quick read: it should take you under two hours to get through.

David is a Business Improvement Specialist, a gifted facilitator, and author.

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