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We’re here to help you take back control of your business

You want stability?

You want sustainability?

David Lord Delivers:

You want scalability?

Objective Data and Visual Management

“Visual People” love this.

Accelerated Project Completion

Learn what’s holding you up and remove the barriers.

Increased Throughput

David’s clients gain capacity.

DTL understands your goals

We’re here to help business owners like you improve essential business processes and project management practices to make your workflow more productive.

Our proven process is sustainable and scalable – implemented in phases so you can see improvements before committing to new projects.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Develop a new way to manage your organization
  • Build a system you can rely on when managing the unexpected
  • Understand what information needs to be passed from department to department
  • See results by tracking key departmental performance indicators

Data is really important for us at DTL. We know from firsthand experience that when objective and concrete data are used to evaluate the business (instead of people’s perceptions), viable business solutions WILL emerge.

Every business has opportunities for improvement. Our goal is to find them and boost performance in those areas.

DTL understands your challenges

Running a business can be frustrating and downright discouraging … especially when:

  • Roles and responsibilities are not clearly defined,
  • Documentation on how to perform activities is non-existent,
  • And processes are not executed properly, resulting in rework and scrap … or they’re disjointed, leading to finger pointing when problems arise.

And as problems build up, frustration moves through the organization to all employees … then executives struggle to get managers to take ownership over projects … new orders get bogged down between sales and production … and projects take longer than expected, leading to budget overruns and even damaged relationships with customers.

The solution isn’t to work harder or throw more money at the problem.

The solution is to work smarter by finding the best places to focus your efforts. If you can find the weak links and repair them, you’ll strengthen your business and prepare it for almost any shock. Better yet, you’ll be in a better position to capitalize on opportunities for growth.

DTL understands your expectations

We’ve heard the same story from our clients over and over again … Before working with DTL, many of our clients worked with other consultants on small projects to improve business performance and communication. But they always seem to lack impact.

Maybe you’ve tried implementing new software and employee training in the past, but found the process took too long to have a real effect on employees. Or maybe your problem was solved in the short term but came back to haunt you later on …

We’re not interested in short-term solutions that fizzle out before having a real impact on your business. These band-aid solutions will be outgrown quickly. Why? Because they fail to get employees to buy in.

We’re only interested in long-term, sustainable solutions. We’re 100% committed to your success, and we have the track record to prove we can deliver.

Success Stories


What began as a one-day seminar stretched into a collaboration of over a year’s time. Asset Health needed to define their core areas for improvement and determine where key actions were needed.

By simplifying systems and processes and making the flow of work visible, everyone in the company gained a better understanding of how the business operated. When staff saw the bigger picture, communication and teamwork between departments improved. Improvements in quality of work…


This company was growing fast and needed help managing the increasing complexity of its cabinetry business. Sales were great, but they just weren’t prepared to keep up with the sudden increase in business.

The company’s manufacturing division was especially disorganized and chronically behind schedule, creating delays throughout the business. DTL helped them map work procedures and identified the critical handoffs and inspection points. Then we…


LoneStar approached DTL with a desire to improve the flow of information between departments. They wanted all their processes to be clear so that everyone in the business could see and understand the complex flow between business functions. They felt most employees had a basic understanding of what took place within the business, but they never actually analyzed or assessed their internal systems.

We started off using storyboards to help staff create a System of Work and Visual Tracking Systems. All processes…

David’s Book: The Visual System of Work


  • Identify key lead and lag measures
  • Set up your ‘war room’ to align your organization’s communications
  • Knock down barriers with the ‘7-Step Process of Improving Throughput Performance’

And the best part is it’s a quick read: it should take you under two hours to get through.

David is a Business Improvement Specialist, a gifted facilitator, and author.

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