Every business can improve.
What about yours?
Learn how to improve your business in 90 days.
Every business can improve.
What about yours?
Learn how to improve your business in 90 days.

Are you or your business struggling?

• “I don’t understand who’s doing what.”

• “Communication is poor.”

• “My employees are overworked.”

• “I don’t have a good clear understanding about what is going on in my business.”

• “I’m concerned about not making enough money to keep my doors open.”


Many businesses are struggling.

You don’t need to struggle. DTL wants your business to stop struggling and begin flourishing.


Based on the five underlying assumptions at the core “belief system” of the Visual System of Work™ (VSOW), DTL believes businesses are meant to flourish.

Underlining Assumptions

A. Every business has opportunities for improvement.

B. Identifying and improving those areas will help the business work better.

C. When actual observation and concrete data are used to evaluate the business (rather than relying on people’s perceptions) solutions emerge to help the business work better.

D. All members of the business must collaborate to analyze data and generate solutions for improving performance.

E. When involved, everyone within the business will help to improve performance.


These assumptions are the foundation for the VSOW.

The Visual System of Work™ can make a business better in 90 days.

You can transform your business in 90 days by focusing on 3 Leverage Points; PEOPLE, PROCESSES, AND PROJECTS.

By making work visible, employees become more engaged, leading to improved processes, and more effective project management.



“David’s process analysis skills are amazing. He is an excellent communicator, encourager and problem solver. I love his use of visual management to help identify an organization’s reality and drive continuous improvement. His focus in any project is to improve the way work gets done. David focuses on process improvement and developing the right metrics to guide improvement efforts versus focusing on the episodic. The most complementary comment I can say about David is … no contact I have had with David has ever been wasted. Every interaction has brought value to me, personally, and to my organization.”

– Craig Schrotenboer, Vice President of Operations, Kids Hope USA