When it comes to solving business problems, clarity comes first.


When it comes to solving business problems, clarity comes first.

DAVID’S APPROACH, helps work teams develop a business culture that is committed to employees as well as the customer while continuously improving.


Getting Better in 90 Days

David will guide your business from start to finish to accomplish The 90 Day Implementation Plan as described in his book The Visual System of Work™: Help Your Business Work Better, Make Money and Generate Cash, A 90 Day Implementation Guide.


Facilitating Workshops

David offers results-based, interactive workshops that are tailored to meet your specific needs. David will meet with you to identify your desired outcomes, then customize a workshop designed to achieve those results.



David offers a range of mentoring services designed to help business owners, managers, supervisors and employees enhance their business and personal performance. Mentoring is a structured, self-directed process, designed to help and inspire individuals to accelerate their personal and professional growth. Mentoring can be individual, group or on-call (Zoom).

David T Lord

Without question, David became an active consultant and inspirational leader for our management team guiding, educating and motivating us to understand and commit to the key fundamentals of enhancing our work flow and service delivery process. He displayed a tremendous amount of passion, knowledge, integrity and patience working with our team.

David is honest, hardworking, diligent and loyal, and brings a straight–forward, practical approach to enhancing any business and/or service operation.”

– Charlie Estey, President, Health Solutions (currently Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at Asset Health)

David's Books

Visual System of Work

Visual System of Work

David Lord

  • Foster transparency (clarity) and accountability (responsibility).
  • Harmonize your people, processes, and projects for success.
  • Facilitate a team culture by promoting continuous improvement
VSOW Toolkit

VSOW Toolkit

David Lord

  • Establish a cohesive working environment where everyone is working as ‘One Team’.
  • Use each of the (12) clear and intuitive tools through practical and effective instruction.
  • Make your business better faster by implementing the VSOW™ 90-day Implementation Plan.
The 3Ps (New)

The 3Ps (New)

David Lord

  • Engage your people
  • Make your processes visible
  • Complete your projects on time
  • Foster accountability, transparency, and alignment
  • Understand the sequence of stabilizing, sustaining, and scaling
Throughput Improvement Strategy  (Coming Soon)

Throughput Improvement Strategy (Coming Soon)

David Lord and Mitch Sayers

Aligning the Efforts of Every Part of a Business

  • Break-Even Point
  • Throughput Accounting
  • Throughput Improvement Plan (TIP)