David’s Book: The Visual System of Work

You’ll learn how to:

  • Foster transparency (clarity) and accountability (responsibility).
  • Harmonize your people, processes, and projects for success.
  • Facilitate a team culture by promoting continuous improvement.

And the best part is it’s a quick read: it should take you under two hours to get through.

The Visual System of Work
David T Lord
Very insightful book. David maps out an innovative and fruitful method to greater understanding of how a business operates, how it generates cash, and produces a profit. I’d recommend this book to any business owner or management team that seeks visibility into the parts of their organization that have become habitual, unquestioned, and routine.”
— Walter Miller, Owner, Norman Professional Services, Greater Chicago Area
David T Lord
During the last 30 years I have worked with many business tools and models to help my clients grow their business. Recently I had a chance to read David’s book and was incredibly impressed with the model he has built and the simplicity it provides in helping clients. David has taken a lifetime of learnings and shares a very powerful but simple approach for helping a business grow and prosper. My definition of a great tool or model is one that can actually be understood, implemented and used on a continuous basis. I highly recommend anyone reading this treasure and seeing how they can make their business more successful… Thank you David for sharing your wisdom.”
— Barry Saltzman, Founder & CEO, Saltzman Enterprise Group, Greater Chicago Area
David T Lord
This small book is packed with specific actions that will improve business results, engage employees, enhance communication and build a more productive team. Business leaders who want to make more money and improve their business will greatly benefit from “The Visual System of Work”. Don’t let the thinness of the spine fool you. I found this quick, motivating read clearly lays out the key steps to accelerate business improvement. A great book for a leadership team study group!”
— Linda Hogan, Training Consultant, Rolls-Royce, Richmond, Virginia Area