DTL helps businesses
get better fast.


DTL helps busiesses get better fast.

OVER THE PAST 27 YEARS, more than 125 companies that were failing, not making enough money, or simply struggling to achieve their true potential, turned to DTL to learn how to make their businesses work better, make more money and generate more cash. David showed them how to transform their businesses’ systems of work into visual ones, resulting in improved employee involvement, quality, productivity and profitability.

Underlining Assumptions A. Every business has opportunities for improvement. B. Identifying and improving those areas will help the business work better. C. When actual observation and concrete data are used to evaluate the business (rather than relying on people’s perceptions) solutions emerge to help the business work better. D. All members of the business must collaborate to analyze data and generate solutions for improving performance. E. When involved, everyone within the business will help to improve performance.

Do you want stability?

DTL will help business owners stabilize their business in 90-days (control).

• Aligned
• Transparent
• Accountable

David T Lord
I realized quickly that David has a unique ability to see and comprehend complex issues and to distill them into clear and understandable visual maps. We knew as a team that although we had strong leaders, we were not always communicating as effectively and fully as possible. Through the development of visual maps for the different business areas, everyone on the leadership team, and subsequently in the business groups, now have clear understanding of our work flow. Beyond these things, I have found David to be a man of exceptionally high integrity, dedication, and drive. There were many times in working with David that I felt he was as committed to our company’s success as our leadership team, not as a consultant, but almost as a business owner.”
– Joe Hart, President, Asset Health, currently President/CEO Dale Carnegie Training

Do you want sustainability?

DTL will help business owners sustain their business (maintain).

• Track, Monitor, and Report Business Performance
• Management Attention
• Team Culture supporting Continuous Improvement

Do you want scalability?
DTL will help business owners scale their business (grow).

• Daily Huddles, Meeting Rhythm, and Quarterly Reviews
• Employee Involvement
• TIP (Throughput Improvement Plan)

David T Lord
With David’s guidance, I have implemented a system utilizing graphs, team project reports and work plans that allow me to track the progress of my employees and effectively recognize issues that need to be improved upon. Furthermore, David has worked with me on a personal level as well as professional level to complete the balance and improve overall time management.”
– John M. Polizzi, Principal In-Charge, Ryan, LLC